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Preparing Your Student For The Future Has Never Been So Rewarding

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As your child enters high school, they will often experience the stress of preparing for adulthood. From a parent’s perspective, you want the absolute best for them and their education. Demands for core competency skills that include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has given rise to a new demand for STEM education to push our country’s ability to succeed in the future. Because of this, more and more parents are seeking out private high schools in Lodi and beyond to give their child the tools for long-term success. With a population nearing 70,000 happy residents, Lodi is the perfect place to raise a family. It is also home to Athena Preparatory, a university preparatory school that aims to deliver a productive and challenging curriculum to prepare students for a range of technical skills. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best STEM courses. If you’re considering enrolling your student in one of Lodi’s private high schools, there are a few things that should stand out for you.

What To Look For

  • Small class sizes. Studies have shown that smaller class sizes are more conducive to productive learning practices. By minimizing class sizes, instructors are able to work with each individual student and offer assistance where help is needed.
  • Personalized approach. Every child learns in their own way, so why stifle their process? Your choice of Lodi private high schools should provide a tailored approach to your young student to best engage them in education and promote the best possible results.
  • Core education. Focusing on the STEM program allows a quality preparatory school to focus on educating students with knowledge for the future, in which they will be able to influence the industries they specialize in.
  • Influential thinking. Numbers and science are essential parts of our civilization, yet they are meaningless concepts without the philosophical thinking behind the processes. Your private high school should deliver teaching methods that focus on the critical thinking surrounding our core competencies. Creating independent, intelligent thinkers should be the goal for any educational institution.

Your choice amongst Lodi’s private high schools should focus on comprehensive education that encourages critical thinking and creative expression. Athena Preparatory is proud to be your Top Rated Local® private high school, and our approach is the driving force behind our success. Contact us today to learn more or to take a tour of our quality prep school!

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