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About Us

Athena Preparatory is a university preparatory school in the Lodi-Stockton area that seeks to instill in its students the following characteristics: independence, critical thinking, and always having more questions than answers. With strong characters rooted in these qualities, our students are given the keys they need to be successful, not only in their future university studies, but in the life beyond.

Because we are a private high school, we are able to control class sizes and give all of our students the attention that they need. In addition, we are able to guide our curriculum to address any questions or issues we see in a specific class. Our attention and personalized approach to each student allows us to be the top private high school and college preparatory program in the area.

As a whole, our curriculum directs the students to study mathematics, the basic sciences, as well as the humanities. These are the foundations of our illustrious western heritage that have been given to us by the ancient Egyptians, Druids, Renaissance scholars, and many other great thinkers who have lived throughout the world, and are thus, the focal point of our studies.

With a philosophy deeply rooted in teaching students not only information, but how to think about that information critically, we are proud to build young minds to be independent, intelligent, and prepared. Learn more by contacting us today.

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