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a woman in front of a black board filled with math equations

Pre-calculus is the coursework required before a student takes either calculus or statistics, however, it is designed to challenge the student to greater heights. This means, while it covers material needed before calculus, it is not necessarily an easier course. Instead, it is designed to open a student’s mind to thinking analytically, critically, and mathematically. In addition, this course covers a wide breadth of knowledge, and will go in-depth in each concept, meaning there is more information in this course than students have been used to in previous courses.

While algebra and geometry were designed to ease students into the mathematical realm, pre-calculus uses this information and the skills students have gathered to fully immerse themselves in mathematical concepts and analytical thinking.

Our Pre-Calculus Course Includes:

  • Review of Functions and Graphs
  • Review of Logs and Exponents
  • Trigonometry (with Right Triangles)
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Analysis and Trigonometry
  • Vectors and Simple Physics Applications
  • Systems
  • Matrices
  • Polar Equations
  • Parametric Equations
  • Complex Numbers
  • Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Formal Proofs
  • Financial Applications
  • Beginning Calculus Concepts
  • Beginning Statistical Concepts
  • Beginning Set Theory