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Algebra Two

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Algebra two is the follow up course to algebra one. Depending on where each student is their freshman year, algebra two may be their first math course at our Lodi private high school. Because we are a small, private school, we are able to make sure each student is in a class that challenges them, improves them, and educates them, without making them feel overwhelmed. Our algebra two course is designed to guide each student to higher learning, regardless of whether it is their first or second year of high school. Because this math course may be the first that a student takes in high school, there may be some overlap with algebra one, just to make sure the introductory concepts and knowledge is well-formed.

Our Algebra Two Curriculum Includes:

Evolution Of Numbers

  • Integers
  • Rationals
  • Irrationals
  • Real
  • Imaginary
  • Complex

Solving Inequalities


  • Square Roots
  • Nth Roots
  • Fractional and Negative Exponents
  • Logarithms


  • Solving
  • Degrees
  • Graphing

Systems Of Linear Equations

  • Introduction to Matrices