Weather for Lodi 2-4-24

Here's the weather forecast for this week:

- Sunday: Heavy rain, high around 50F, 90% chance of rain, around 1 inch of rainfall.

- Sunday Night: Likely rain, low 48F, 80% chance of rain, around 0.5 inch of rainfall.

- Monday: Rain likely, high near 55F, 70% chance of rain, around 0.25 inch of rainfall.

- Tuesday: Cloudy with showers, high 56F, 50% chance of rain.

- Wednesday: Cloudy with a few showers later in the day, high 56F, 30% chance of rain.

- Thursday: Overcast with rain showers, high around 55F, 50% chance of rain.

- Friday: Rain showers early with some sunshine later, high 56F, 40% chance of rain.

- Saturday: Partly cloudy skies, high 58F.