The Night Sky for the Week of 5-19-24

This week's night sky:

Sunday, May 19:

- By midnight, the Moon will be in Virgo, closer to Spica.

Monday, May 20:

- Spica will be on the upper right of the Moon.

- Look for the Arch of Spring in the western sky at late twilight.

Tuesday, May 21:

- Alpha Centauri will be visible in certain latitudes.

Wednesday, May 22:

- The Moon is ½ day before full and will be to the right of the three-star head of Scorpius.

Thursday, May 23:

- The full Moon will occult Antares, a double star.

Friday, May 24:

- Vega is in the east-northeast after dark.

- Altair is the third star of the Summer Triangle.

Saturday, May 25:

- Capella sets low in the northwest not long after dark.

- Look for the semicircular Corona Borealis between Arcturus and Vega.