The Night Sky for the Week of 12-24-23

On December 24th, the Moon will be two days from full and will be located to the lower left of the Pleiades. It will form a nearly isosceles triangle with the Pleiades above and Aldebaran below. Around 11 p.m., the Moon will be as close to the zenith as it will ever be, and your Moon shadow will be as short as you'll ever see it. On December 25th, the Moon will form a wide, shallow triangle with Capella to its left or upper left and Aldebaran to its right or upper right. On December 26th, it will be a Full Moon and will form a deeper triangle with Capella and Aldebaran. On December 29th, M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, will pass your zenith soon after dark. Lastly, on December 30th, the brightest asteroid in the sky, 4 Vesta, will be just past opposition and creeping toward Zeta Tauri. Merry Christmas!