The Night Sky for the Week of 12-17-23

On Sunday, December 17, you can spot Saturn about 3° upper right of the Moon. Algol dips to its minimum brightness on the same day, while Orion shines in the east-southeast on Monday, December 18. Tuesday, December 19, marks the first-quarter Moon, and Wednesday, December 20, the Moon is approaching Jupiter night by night. On Thursday, December 21, Jupiter is only about 7° left of the Moon in the early evening, and on Friday, December 22, the Moon has passed Jupiter. On Saturday, December 23, the waxing gibbous Moon is about 4° or 5° to the right of the Pleiades in the early evening. Finally, on Sunday, December 24, the bright gibbous Moon has jumped to the lower left (east) of the Pleiades in the early evening. Merry Christmas!