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The Night Sky For The Week Of 10-22-23

Nature is giving us an extraordinary show this week! From October 22nd to 28th, the sky will be lit with incredible celestial events, leaving you in awe. On October 22nd, the Big Dipper will shine low in the north-northwest after dark. The farther south you are, the lower it will appear. Then, on October 23rd, the moon will be in one of its most entrancing telescopic phases, accompanied by Saturn with its dramatic rings and pinpoint telescopic moons.

On October 24th, you can witness bright Capella sparkling low in the northeast sky. It will be joined by the Pleiades cluster about three fists at arm’s length to its right. These harbingers of the cold months will rise higher as the evening grows late. And on October 25th, Arcturus will become “the Ghost of Summer Suns,” closely marking the spot where the Sun stood during hot June and July.

The Great Square of Pegasus will be visible in the southeast on October 26th, tilting clockwise off one corner to lie level like a square. On October 27th, you can witness the Summer Triangle Effect, where Deneb, Vega, and Altair remain visible in the sky. Finally, on October 28th, there will be a full moon and a slight partial lunar eclipse.

Take a moment to look up at the sky and be reminded of the incredible beauty of the natural world. These celestial events are a reminder of the immense power and wonder of the universe. So, take advantage of this magical experience and take the time to appreciate the amazing glory of the cosmos.