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The Night Sky For The Week Of 10-1-23

On Friday, September 29th, Cassiopeia will be higher in the northeast than the Big Dipper in the northwest as evening approaches. Later in the evening, Cassiopeia’s W pattern will stand on end. Look above the Moon to try to spot the Great Square of Pegasus. On Saturday, September 30th, Vega will be the brightest star high in the west after nightfall, while Arcturus will get low in the west-northwest. Alphecca, Corona Borealis’ crown jewel, is the brightest star between them. On Sunday, October 1st, the waning gibbous Moon rises in the east-northeast around twilight’s end. Jupiter follows shortly afterward, appearing 2-3 degrees lower right from the Moon. On Monday, October 2nd, the Moon will be about 2 degrees from the Pleiades. On Tuesday, October 3rd, locate Eltanin, the nose of Draco the Dragon, which is 14 degrees lower right of Vega. Wednesday, October 4th, the Cygnus Milky Way crosses the zenith in the night sky after twilight fades. On Thursday, October 5th, the Moon is in its last quarter. Finally, on Friday, October 6th, the Great Square of Pegasus will be exactly balanced for a brief period in the evening, depending on your location.