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The Night Sky For November 2023

This November, skygazers can look forward to three exciting astronomical events – a historic meteor shower, the final full moon of fall, and a planetary encounter offering stunning views of Jupiter.

As the colder air sets in across North America during November, it will be a good idea to bundle up to enjoy the sights of the cosmos. However, the longer nights will give everyone more time to spot stars, planets, and meteors after nightfall.

The top three astronomy events for November include Jupiter Opposition, the Leonid Meteor Shower, and the Full Beaver Moon.

On November 3, Jupiter will reach opposition, the best time of year to spot the planet in the night sky. The planet will shine brighter than many stars and other planets, and you don’t need a telescope to view it. A telescope, however, will allow you to see the colorful bands of clouds on the planet as well as its largest moons.

The Leonid Meteor Shower peaks on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Although typically it brings around 15 shooting stars per hour, this year’s Leonids could be brighter than in recent years. Skywatchers also have an increased chance of seeing incredibly bright meteors known as fireballs.

The full Beaver Moon, the final full moon of autumn, rises during the last weekend of the month. This moon is important for animals like beavers, as November is when they make final preparations for the cold winter months before retreating into their lodges.